10 month old silkie hen.

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    I have noticed that lately she stays in a certain place, i thought at first bc it was windy. my critters are free range. Well i noticed a few days ago that she falls over and cannot walk well. I separated her and gave her sulmac. the first 2 days i used old sulmac (discolored) on the third day i bought some new sulmac. I let her out today and she still cant walk well, and falls, then stays where she falls in the same position. She is eating well, no weight loss at all and her droppings are normal. I have never wormed my chicks, bc they eat a coconut mixture a few times a week and that is a natural dewormer, or so i think... any suggestions.. this is my first post here....
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    Quote:I've never heard of a coconut mixture as a natural dewormer...maybe a possible preventative (which I doubt.) I recommend you type "worming" in the search box and read up on worming your chickens. There's alot of useful worming info accumilated there for you and your chickens' benefit.
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    Going get some wormer today at the feed store. Hopefully thats what is wrong with her.
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    Be certain that she can see the food and water easily. I don't know how large her crest is, but it CAN interfere with her being able to find food and water.

    About 10 days ago I had a 2 1/2 month old silkie pullet that appeared ill, weak and using her wings to balance herself. We brought her in, made up some antibiotic water and used an eyedropper to get the water in her. Come to find out, she was VERY thirsty. She does have a very large crest for her age. We taped it up like Pebbles and she started chowing down on the food and drinking water like there was no tomorrow. Had silkies 3 years and never had this happen before.

    Another possibility is botulism. It can cause imbalance and paralysis, but generally they also have diarrhea.

    Edited to add:

    It can also be from mites or lice. Check her over thoroughly and perhaps spray her with flea and tick spray or dust her with Sevin dust.
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