10+ New Hampshire hatching eggs

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    10+ New Hampshire hatching eggs. If I get 12 eggs in 3 days (as I have been), I will send them all. These will be shipped out Monday, Feb. 28. I accept Paypal. If you prefer to pay with a money order, shipment will be delayed until payment is received.

    My New Hampshires came from Doug Akers. Doug is an outstanding breeder and exhibitor of poultry. He is just a great guy. I am grateful to him for these beautiful birds. This is what he told someone who inquired about my stock:

    The New Hampshires that Kathy got from me originated from a breeder in Germany, just a few years ago.

    These New Hampshires are of outstanding exhibition quality, better than any New Hampshire large fowl in the US. It’s ironic that the Germans took a breed that originated in the US and did a better job breeding it than we did in the US. They’ve got better type, color and tails than the US birds.

    A little history: New Hampshires, along with a few other breeds (like the Plymouth Rock / Amrock), were introduced into Germany as part of the post war reconstruction efforts. They became quite popular in Germany, while their population in the USA plummeted. It has been said that Germany has the best New Hampshires in the world.








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  2. rilly10

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    [​IMG] WOW! Gorgeous birds!
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    so ill start the bidding off... i know i wont win as i cant afford to spend much right now but i want them soooo bad lol.... thanks Kathy
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    These birds are just gorgeous eye candy! WOW!
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    Nov 9, 2010
    You have AMAZING NHs!
  6. Illia

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    NOW you're tempting me!!
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    I have never seen New Hampshires like these....wow!!!
  8. jeremy

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    Your birds are gorgeous Kathy, any chance you will be offering chicks in the springtime too?
  9. kathyinmo

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    Quote:Thank you all.

    Jeremy, I don't think I will be selling chicks. I will offer a few eggs, but then I will be hatching for myself.

    These are excellent dual purpose birds. The 4 pullets I have rarely miss a day laying. I intend to fill my freezer and have some great layers.
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  10. mississippifarmboy

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    Bad Kathy! You aren't supposed to make my heart race.... You are going to get a new record on these I predict! You know I gotta have some!

    I had to bid. [​IMG]

    Terra won't notice... will she?

    If so I'm gonna be in SOOO much trouble. [​IMG]
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