10 new hens STILL not Laying

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    Jul 6, 2010
    I have 25 hens ( buffs and Golden Comets) and I recently added about 10 more. They are white leghorns and a RIR or 2. I was told that they would get stress (to be expected) and quit laying temporarily. They have been the the coop with the other Hens for about 3 weeks. Still no eggs from them !!!!! Also I had one or two with the sniffles, would the medicine effect the chickens laying?
  2. ldrwnorman47

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    Jul 6, 2010
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    I got 7 new hens. Some laid the first day - other took about 2 months!
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    Here are some things to look for:

    Chickens MUST have fresh water daily and lots of it. A dehydrated chicken will not lay eggs and will potentially get ill.

    1)Can they get at fresh water in sufficient quantity (or are they having to fight for it)

    2)Are they getting access to plenty of light or are they in the shade? More light means more eggs hence a slow down in the winter.

    3)Do they have a red mite problem? If their red combs are small and not red – they could have a mite problem as this shows there is very little blood in their body and this will affect egg laying. Treat with Red Mite powder

    4)Are they egg bound? It is unlikely more than one will be, if one has stopped laying and looks unhappy, not very active you may need to get the vet to check if she is egg bound. It can be serious so don’t delay if they look egg bound

    5)Are they getting enough grit? All poultry needs some grit, normally crushed up scallop shells and small stones) in their diet. You can get grit from most poultry suppliers and most petshops.

    6)Are they getting access to enough feed? Obvious I know. Try changing their diet and give them more worms or maggots (from a fishing shop) as a treat once or twice a week. The protein is very good for them

    7)Aare they molting?

    Hope this helps.

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    To the list above, I would add: Are they old enough?

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