10++ Olive Egger Eggs! $30 w/ shipping!

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  1. First generation Olive Egger hatching eggs!

    You will receive beautiful blue eggs laid by Easter Egger hens covered by a Black Copper Marans rooster. The chicks will hatch out with beards, muffs, pea combs and feathered legs. All pullets will grow to lay beautiful deep olive green colored eggs. These are unusual - you can't buy birds like these from a hatchery!

    Your hatching eggs will be blue, like this one: [​IMG]

    Pullets will lay olive colored eggs, like the one in the middle here: [​IMG]

    Visit http://tmchickens.webs.com/ for more information and pictures!

    PM to buy or for more information.

    I ship only Monday through Wednesday to ensure that eggs are not held up in the post office over the weekend. We have all read sad stories about eggs that arrived broken or so badly addled they did not develop. Our packaging is carefully designed to prevent that from happening!

    We use clean shavings to pack the eggs firmly into paper cartons. If an egg did break, the shavings would absorb the mess before it could contaminate other eggs. The carton itself has been carefully designed by multimillion-dollar companies to protect eggs. I don’t think I could do better with just a roll of bubble wrap! Each carton is then placed into a large box with *air pillow packing* to prevent the carton from shifting around during shipping.

    ***While I cannot guarantee hatchability to do factors beyond my control during transportation, I do try to make sure the eggs arrive intact. Should you have problems with broken eggs please contact me right away!l
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    Apr 2, 2008
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    Just received my eggs today- excellent condition! Packing was superb. Seller has great communication, and prompt shipping. [​IMG]
    Thank you!
  3. I'm glad the eggs made it OK. That's always nice to hear! I hope you have a great hatch!
  4. Eggs are booked up for this week! Next available ship date is 8/16. [​IMG]
  5. sdhawk

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    May 16, 2010
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    These are some of the best quality hatching eggs I have received by shipment. My last batch of 12 eggs resulted in 8 making it to lockdown, with seven hatched babies. [​IMG] These babies are cute [​IMG] and well worth the effort. [​IMG] Thanks!
  6. Yay! I was worried when the box was delayed by the USPS. I'm so glad that you hatched out some chicks! [​IMG]

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