10 out of 13 Marans eggs rotten

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    May 15, 2010
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    I have a buff orpington that goes broody once a month, like clockwork. Rather than break her, this time we decided to put fertile eggs under her. My cousin bought 13 copper Marans eggs and had them shipped. When I opened them, there was what appeared to be a little bit of white in the carton, but I could not find any cracks in any of the eggs. I put them under the hen and marked my calendar for July 23 (21 days). I looked in on her every day, and she did have three broken eggs, very stinky. I'm pretty sure the other chicken tried to get in there to lay her egg and maybe that's how they broke. I removed all that I could of broken eggs and soaked nesting material, and isolated her. I candled the remaining eggs at week one and on the 17th day, then let them be. They all seemed to be developing. Because of the dark color, I couldn't see any blood vessels or an eye, but each time I candled, there was a larger shadow and I could clearly see the air space. Day 21 has come and gone, and we are on day 23. Yesterday, I did a float test and tossed more rotten eggs. I'm down to three which she is still diligently sitting on. There is no movement and I don't hear anything. My questions are:

    1. If one egg was indeed leaking at shipping, could it have spoiled the rest?

    2. Do I give up on these last three? There is definitely something solid in these eggs.

    I just called the feed store and they won't have chicks for another week and, for her health, I don't want her to set any longer.

    Thank you for any advice.
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    I'd leave the eggs there for another day or two.

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