10+ Partridge Silkie eggs ONLY $35.00 includes shipping!!! NOW $30.00!


13 Years
Jan 12, 2007
IF SOMEONE GRABBS THESE NOW i CAN SHIP TODAY! (has to be before 11 am est) otherwise they will ship tomorow morning.

Your bid gets you 10+ eggs (I usually send 2 extras incase of breakage) from my Partridge pen. I have Standard partridge, Blue Partridge, and Fawn hens with a Standard partridge and a blue partridge roo. Your eggs will come packaged in a small usps priority box to help ensure they wont get crushed by bigger boxes on the truck. I do my best to be sure you eggs are packed well and will arrive unbroken, unfortunately thats all I can control. I cannot guarentee your personal success rate...there are far to many hazards in shipping and incubation for me to be able to do that. It is for this reason that I do not replace eggs. Please be aware of this before you bid. You can see my complete packing process here:


I do now use recycled grocery bags, when I can, instead of bubble wrap to try to help the environment. You can also see lots of pics of my birds on my website www.sassysilkie.com Heres your chance to hatch some really cute silkie babies! Thanks for looking!

I forgot to mention, Paypal goes to: [email protected] Eggs will ship tomorrow. (wednesday) Thanks again! JEN





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somebody please save these eggs!!! I dont have an incbator and my broody hens are full!!!! I really dont want to end up throwing them away! I'm lowering the price AGAIN just to see if I can get them sold and shipped in the morning! JEN
Lady you are KILLING me!! I fussed about these eggs half the day but I have a batch in the bator and I kept telling myself, one batch at a time, one batch at a time but I LOVE your partridge silkies and they are such cute little chipmunks as babies....I am a pushover!!
Jenn I've been watching them. What do you want for them now? My grand daughjter is going nuts with these pics

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