10 reasons to Beware German Shepherds

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    10. They will sass you when you tell them “no” about something they wanted to do, and make you argue back…and then people will look at you strangely for arguing with a dog.
    9. They will leap with unrestrained joy while greeting you when you walk in the door, even if you’ve only been gone for five minutes. All this excessive joy will nearly take you out at the knee if you’re not careful.
    8. There is a reason they are called “German Shedders.” They will leave tumbleweeds of dog hair throughout your house, that multiply on their own. The tumbleweeds are “dust bunnies.” You get so used to the bunnies, you start naming them.
    7. They will relentlessly stare at you, attempting the doggy version of the “Jedi Mind Trick.” You WILL play ball/Frisbee/tug with them. Because they don’t go away until you do.
    6. They will cause you to look through the spots in the crusty nose prints on all of your windows in order to see outside. You start referring to it as “snot art.”
    They will steal your spot on the couch when you get up to go to the bathroom, looking at you with a pleading gaze that makes you feel like a monster if you even think about making them move. So you sit on the floor.​
    4. They will lick your face with unrestrained happiness and love, ruining whatever makeup you may have had on, or they will get slobber up your nose.
    3. They will make you laugh at their antics until your stomach hurts.
    2. There is also a reason they are called “German Shredders.” They chew on things because they are telling us that we ticked them off by not taking them with us, or that they got bored, or that they needed that walk or playtime with you in the yard. Do right by them, or get used to the Shredding!
    And the number one reason why you can’t trust German Shepherds…
    1. They will steal your heart!!! And then make you realize that your life was empty before you had them, and that you spent many years without the most unconditional love you will ever know!
    By Cheryl Goede
    Owner of the German Shepherd Community on Facebook. Visit them here
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    Yes they will still your heart.

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