10+ Rhodebar Hatching Eggs ~ Autosexing Chicks and Rose-Colored Eggs! Ready To Ship!

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  1. huckleberryfarm

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    Jan 7, 2010
    Greenwood, SC
    I have Rhodebar eggs available for sale and immediate shipping. They are laying great. Our stock came from Greenfire Farms and have proven to be healthy, hearty, friendly and great layers. They lay a pinkish egg. This rare breed also has autosexing chicks. You can tell girls from boys at hatch. Very handy! I will ship 10+ eggs Priority Mail. I have a dozen ready to ship and will have more available next week. Shipping is $17.00.

    Please know that we can not guarantee your hatch. We do package well and our customers have had very good hatches.

    Please respond below if you would like them and send a paypal payment to [email protected]. Thanks!
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  2. Jeff1960

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    Nov 23, 2010
    Fremont Michigan
    Sent you a payment and PM

    thank you

  3. huckleberryfarm

    huckleberryfarm Chickenista

    Jan 7, 2010
    Greenwood, SC
    Got it. Thanks!
  4. KennaFox

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    Feb 20, 2015
    Madera, CA
    I have quite a few RhodeBars myself. Amazing chickens! They get pretty big too. Definently the ideal chicken.

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