10 + SQ BBS silkie eggs and BBS Partridge Silkie eggs

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    Right now, we have 8 BBS eggs and 2 Partridge eggs. We will add extras if we get them.

    BBS pen: I believe one of the hens laying is the one that just won res. BB. The 2 roos in this pen were shown once last year and won BB and Res. BB

    Partridge pen: I have partridge and Blue Partridge hens in this pen. I also have blue partridge and buff showgirl roosters. The showgirl rooster is new to the pen. He is still young, but I have seen him on one of the girls. Before I put the showgirl in there, I had hatched out Partridge, Blue Partridge, and Splash Partridge chicks.

    All silkies are show quality. Two weekends ago we won Best of Breed (splash hen), and Res. Best of Breed (black pullet) and Best Variety with a blue pullet. We also won Best variety and Res. Variety with a blue Partridge cockerel and Blue Partridge pullet,

    BBS group:



    Four Month old pullet from the Partridge group

    MOre pictures can be seen at https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=411961
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