10+ SQ Bearded BBS Silkie Eggs


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Mar 11, 2009
East Syracuse
I'm offering 10+ eggs from my SQ Bearded Blue, Black & Splash Silkie pen. This auction ends Friday evening. Parent stock in this pen includes a Champion Trio(Blues). I lost my splash hen who was Reserve of Breed at the NYS Fair to a predator, but have produced a girl even prettier that has to be her daughter.
I also had best variety in each color. (One of my whites was BB & Reserve Featherleg.) I'm getting 3 to six eggs a day from them & I bought eggs so my bator is getting full! There's no guarantee that your chicks will be show quality, but there's an excellent chance!!! I'll post pics of my 2 month old splash chicks tomorrow.

We have excellent fertility here, but can't guarantee how the USPS will handle them. I pack eggs the way I prefer to recieve them & only send the freshest ones. I'll individually wrap each egg in a generous amount of bubblewrap, then nestle them snugly in shredded newspaper with another layer of bubblewrap lining the box to cushion them. I also put foam padding in the bottom of the box. They'll ship out priority mail next Monday, March 14th directly from the Syracuse hub to save shipping time. Paypal only, please!


Broodie mama with white chicks

Emmy (RIP)
Where in NY are you? I am from CT and would travel to pick them up if possible.. The PO has scrambled the last 2 batches I had shipped.
I don't but I'll shoot some today. You'll have to excuse their dirty feet... they've been cooped up all winter! Got another 2 feet of snow since yesterday.

I'm just outside of Syracuse. Connecticut is quite a drive! It takes me 5 hours or so to get to NYC.

I'm a packing maniac & put hot pink labels with handling instructions on the box that even the postal employees pay attention to. Each egg is wrapped in 4x12 piece of bubblewrap, then nestled in newspaper that I put through the shredder. I also add a thick piece of soft foam on the bottom of the box and a smaller piece on the top as shock absorbers. I also ask for your phone number and have them held at your post office for pick-up. I've had some pretty traumatic experiences with shipped eggs, so I do all I can to prevent bad things from happening!

Oh, thats a bit far. I am sure you pack them very well! The last 2 batches I got were packed amazingly, none broken, but the air cells were all over the place. So someone was playing catch with the boxes.
Your birds are gorgeous!
Thank You!
I hate it when that happens! I actually watched my postal carrier's sub toss a box of eggs against my garage door onto my driveway! I lost most of the eggs. That's why I have the eggs held at the PO. At least I can put the last step of their journey into the buyer's hands.


I know what you mean about the snow. We got over an inch of rain yesterday and then 10 plus inches of snow over night. I am ready for spring!!!

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