10 stories from this funny woman about what she is doing in this photo


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Don't you want to know why this woman is doing what she's doing?

What is her true identity?

Is she falling down or getting up?

What's the link?

Where's her sanity?

Who took the picture?

Does she eat egg shells?

All this and more will be revealed.

Things that will change your life!
What in the world?..
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Hello, friends, you know you want to know about this strange woman.

This photo is in a thread on BYC....

She's been a member a long time here, but all will be revealed to the top bidder, as they usually say in the county fair. step right up.

You know you want to bid....This is a test auction....No real money will be sent!
Ha Ha Ha!!!!! The Auction is still open.....

This woman is a real hoot.....Used to be a city slicker and now thinks a big night out is taking the trash to the local refuse center.

She spits watermellons seeds....She's a force to be recogned with. stirs two pots of cheese with both hands while waxing the floor with her feet....

You know you wannta know more about this story!!!!

Bit this one up a bit!!!! Oops change the Bit to bid!!!!! hahaha

Wow Kooshie, these stories are really worth more than $5,000....

After you deposit $5,000 into my paypal
[email protected]

I'll tell them to you....

Don't I wish....

Well, thanks you all..... Wasn't that fun??

(PS, I hope my sainted Mom and Dad are laughing their head off on this one! It is my hope, thought not biblically based that angels can look and laugh at humans!!!! I know the older I get, the more important humor, love and a sense of family friends and most of all God are important to me. I just love to laugh until I cry!!!! I've so enjoyed laughing, praying and chatting with my BYC friends. When I was a silly teenager I was afraid to smile too broadly because of making face wrinkles.....Now, I love my laugh wrinkles the best. Kooshi don't forget to payup or I'm shipping about 30 crazy out of their minds crowing and strutting roosters your way,,,,,,,, COD......plus 20 squawking guineas and one really wild turkey looking for his mate......hahaha)
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Blast! I wanted to bid more. Here I am trying to figure out how to bid and could not.

I didn't mean to. The second highest bidder can have it.


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