10 to 12 eggs a day and then nothing, help me backyard chickens your my only hope ;-)

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    Oct 6, 2015
    So I have a smallish flock of 13 hens, all Plymouth bard rocks. We got them from the local farm store March 10 2015. They started laying around July and then leveled out at a fairly consistent 10-12 eggs a day by August. About a week and a half ago I had a day that was only 6 eggs and then the next day only 2. a bit of a shock after 40+days of consistent production. I found a problem with my watering system, I use a 3 gallon bucket with the red poultry watering nipple and the inner pins had gotten stuck. They might have gone a day or two with limited water before I caught the problem that might have contributed to the drop. I am in OR so the days are getting shorter. I fixed the watering issue as soon as I found it and have been checking everyday to make sure it is still working and they have gone through 2 buckets now and seem fine. I also added a timer light to come on around 4 AM getting the light back up to about 14 hours a day. its been about 1 week now and still only one or none eggs. Am I just being impatient or did I completely screw something up?
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    I am not familiar with the breed, but maybe they are broody? If you read the threads on broodiness, you can see if thats what it is.

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    Hens sometimes have hiccups in their laying, especially when seasons change and of course if they run out of water which is stressful, it can take a bit to get things going again, don't worry you didn't break them, they are too young for light to affect them, I would certainly check around for anything else that might stress them, I'm sure it will all get going again in a bit, I did enjoy you Star Wars reference, Princess Leia.
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    Oct 6, 2015
    Thanks, I have been checking everyday to make sure the watering system doesn't fail again. I think a little bit of dirt got into the bucket and clogged up the nipples. I am still only seeing exactly one egg a day which is just weird, but I will hang tight and hopefully they will pick back up in a bit. they don't seem sick at all they are all running around the coop like normal. I did start the process of cutting a hole in the back of the nesting boxes for the eggs to roll out that might have messed them up a bit but they were still laying fine for a week after I did one of the four boxes.
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    I bet someone is excited for December 14th?
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    Lack of water can put them off for quite awhile.
    Do you free range?
    Might they be laying out in the range area?

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