10 week old BO seeming to lose weight...

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    May 6, 2011
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    She is acting fine, eating and drinking, seems alert. She did make more of a fuss, as in a lot of squawking, than she usually does when I picked her up tonight to check her over. I honestly do my best to try to look for mites around the vents, but yeah, all those feathers, I barely get a peek. She feels lighter and her breast not as full. I felt her crop, it did feel kind of hard, but I picked up the other two, and their crops all felt the same, small bulge and firm. How should a crop feel? I want to check it in the AM and see if it is still hard.

    Her feathers seem a little dull too. I will watch her closely tomorrow to see if she is passing poop.

    I have them on organic grower feed that we switched over to a couple weeks ago. I have noted the weight loss the last couple days. When I pick up the BR and the RIR, the breast has some meat to it, not on the BO. I am not giving them grit, they free-range maybe 4 hours a day in my yard...the grass is kind of long though. Everyone's poop is looking normal, as in I see no bugs or worms. I dust the coop with DE about once a week.

    Should I worm her? What should I use? Should I be giving them grit? Should I treat for cocci?

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