10 week old chick opening beak

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  1. It's not hot out this morning, she seems fine eating and chasing the others after treats they find in yard but she is opening her beak wide and looks like she is swallowing.

    Like she is yawning

    She has stopped and after researching I think she was adjusting her crop.
    Does this sound right?
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    If she keeps her beak open she may have just ingested too much food at one time. I had a polish chick that would sit there with her mouth agape after she had just wolfed down a bunch of food. The food would actually be crammed in her throat making it a little difficult to breath. I was concerned at first and would pull what I could out and wash the rest down with water but she did it so often that I just decided to let her be. She's a healthy adult now.

    I've also noticed that if a chicken or chick eats too much dry, hard food at one time then they will crop adjust many times. It will sort of look like a quick yawn and their chest will shift a little. Sometimes you'll only see them do it once or twice and other times they'll do it a lot. You'll see it more often after they've just eaten.

    I wouldn't be concerned unless he shows signs of distress.

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