10 week old chicks

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    Sep 24, 2013
    We have 2 -10 week old chicks. So far everything seems to be doing well. But I have a few questions. We live in N. Idaho and are due for winter weather for the next 4 months. I also have 4 hens. So my questions are. When should I change their feed to grower feed? When can I put them in the chicken coop? When will they start laying since it is so cold? What is egg bound? I currently have them in their own pen inside the shed with a red heat lamp on to keep them warm. Even when it is 30 degrees outside their pen is 60 degrees or more. Any suggestions?
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    They don't need heat any more, and they are old enough for grower -- you can mix leftover starter in so none goes to waste. They are old enough for the coop, but if they are used to heat, you shoudl probably make the change gradually. Point of lay varies a lot. An average is somewhere around 20-24 weeks but can be as long as a year. To a degree it depends on breed. Also, since winter is coming, it's possible they won't even start til spring. Or they may give you some winter eggs. You just won't know til the eggs appear.

    At 10 weeks they are adults in terms of ability to stay warm. Here are two excellent articles about keeping chickens in the north, written b a Canadian member:



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