10 week old Easter Eggers, roosters perhaps?


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
We have 11 chicks that are 10 weeks old. They were all supposed to be hens when we got them as day old chicks. Four of them are Easter Eggers one of which started half crowing about 2 weeks ago. "Mabel" also seems to be the smartest and keeps watch over everyone, but isn't aggressive or mean. Here are two pictures below of Mabel:

There's probably no chance that Mabel is a hen, right? : (

The other bird in question "Karina" is always sitting at the highest point (on top of water fount), seems to go after the other chickens including Mabel. Karina hasn't made any crowing sounds. Both Mabel and Karina have been the most friendly and are our two favorites so it's very sad to think that we may have to get rid of them.
Photos of Karina:

Thanks in advance for any advice.


10 Years
Mar 24, 2009
Kuna Id
Both Roo's sorry

#1 If it is crowing Its a Roo plus feathering and comb says it all
The saddle feathers in last pic are very pointy and it has a dark big colored comb... Very pretty though!

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