10 weeks now-gender check?


Oct 12, 2017
High Desert, S. CA.
I have two half Silver Lace Wyandotte and half Bantam Cochin chicks. They were sold to me as pullets, but one is making me wonder if he might be a cockerel. He's the first two pics, and the one I think is a pullet is the third pic. Tried to get good pics, but this is the best I could get today. Also, the feathers sticking out on cheeks--what's with that?
RR close-up 2.PNG
RR close-up.PNG
Sesame 3-27-18.PNG


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    RR close-up.PNG
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One definite cockerels, not sure on the other one. It looks like they have 'muffed' cheeks which is a characteristic of some Polish, Easter Eggers, d'Uccles, Ameraucanas, and a few other breeds.
These last two pics are the same bird. The pullet (I think) is pictured in the original post. I definitely didn't want EE's! Oh boy, I'm really upset about this!
He looks like a mix. By the way Easter Egger is not a recognized breed so he can't have "EE" in him. Since it isn't a recognized breed there are no standards for an "EE" although there have been multiple discussions on what an EE is but no definite answer has been agreed upon (as far as I know).

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