10 wk old chick not doing well

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    May 13, 2009
    I have a 10 wk old Partrige Cochin pullett. She had been doing well but about 72 hrs ago she started to stumble around. 48 hrs ago she progressed further and she is barely able to walk. Everyone else in the flock is doing well, I have 42 in all, 40 of them are all 10 wks old and 2 adult laying hens. They are housed in a converted 20 X 18 horse stall. They all recieved the Marecks vaccine from McMurray's when I got them. I have this hen seperated out in a big wire dog crate that I use as my brooder, she is alone in there. I changed the bedding to deep hay so that she was not slipping and flet more comfortable. She lays down, rocks back on her hocks and tail and puts her wings out so as to catch herself from falling over. I live in Iowa and called a local poultry person, she thought that maybe the hen was plugged up and not passing stool. She suggested giving her sugar water and plenty of grit. That was yesterday morning. She is basically no change from that time. But how long do I let this go on and is there something else that I can try. I bounced around the idea of taking her to a bird vet but she is a chicken so there is the cost factor here as well.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Amy L. Cone
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    has the chick made any droppings?
    if so, please describe..color and consistency.
    check the vent to see if the chick is plugged up, or the vent is pulsing.

    have you checked the crop?
    please do that ASAP..feel for any lump or graininess.
    what bedding was used for the chicks?

    do you have chick vitamins?
    try and get some Poly-vi-sol liquid baby vitamins. Enfamil brand if possible, no iron..give 2 drops once a day on beak (so it dribbles in the mouth) for 1 week, taper off to 1 drop for another week...

    make up some scrambled egg and feed the chick by hand if necessary. she may be weak from being bullied away from feed and water.

    you can also make up this mixture..
    feed, plain active culture yogurt or buttermilk, cooked chopped egg yolk, a bit of honey or unsweetened applesauce (such as baby food).
    just make a very small amount..make it so it is not soupy or gummy , just enough moisture to puff the feed..
    also have regular feed and fresh water available as usual.

    keep warm and out of draft..a calm companion might help the chick with stress..they get very stressed when they are alone.
    or a safe stuffed animal can help also.

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