10 Wk Old Chicks Dieing Need Help Fast!!!!


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Apr 24, 2011
I Have a mixed flock of buff orpingtons, Barred Rocks and a few varieties of polish they are about 10 weeks old the problem is when i went to bed 4 days ago everyone is fine no signs of sick birds all are lively and no signs of mucus from the nose or mouth, no bloody poop, no signs of impacted crop and seem to be eating and drinking but the next morning i had 1 polish that was very weak and is lathargic and died within a few hours i noticed her breast bone was protruding and she seemed very thin whith no signs of trauma so i started them on vitimins and minerals thinking the heat may have them dehydrated and i fed them some eggs for a boost in protien b/c i noticed they were all a little on the thin side but none of this seemed to help 2 days later another died just like the first. they eat non medicated starter feed from nutrenia and are protected from preditors i have not seen any mites or lice and i havent noticed any dirrhera so could this be cocci ? i am out of ideas what treatment is best if it is cocci? our feed stor has corid 20% soulable powder and sulmet 12.5% liquid what is the doseing? PLEASE HELP I dont want any more of my chicks to die THANKS
Yes, it sounds like coccidiosis. You need to get them all onto a medicated starter, and treat with either of those meds. I use Corid liquid so I can't tell you a dose for the powder or for sulmet, but if you do a search on here for either of those, you will find the info.
Good luck!!
Thank You for the quick response i was kinda thinking cocci but was not shure dose anyone know the dosing for the corid 20 % powder or Sulmet 12.5 % liquid or have a recomendation on which to use and is there any thing i can do to prevent futher problems other than medicated feed?
Use the Corrid.A vet poultry specialist sent a bottle to me by his wife.She told me he was one of three vets in his specialty in the US.

He sent a 9.6% solution.The way to mix it is 1 teaspoon per gallon. Mix fresh every day,only source of water for 3-5 days.

I hope this helps.

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