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In order to give everyone the chance to have a professional look for their hobby or business I'm offering professional, yet affordable, Farm Logos and Graphic Design! Please see the gallery of examples of my work below. For a limited time message or e-mail me directly at [email protected] with the code BYC50 for a special price of $50 for your custom logo. You save hundreds, even thousands of dollars this way!

How am I different than the others?
I do not use clip art, pre drawn images, or stolen content off the internet! All work is 100% custom to each individual and will not be reused, or reproduced twice! Everything is digitally hand drawn, and made custom just for you! All logos are high resolution so that they can be blown up as large, or as small as you would like. Upon payment you own 100% of the copyrite to your logo with no royalties, or hidden fees. Whether you know exactly what you want your designs to look like, or choose to leave the creative freedom up to me, I will strive to achieve your perfect design!

Have a favorite animal you would love to be the feature of your logo?
I can use your favorite pictures, and convert them in the design! I can use as many, or as little as you would like. Most of my customers love the idea that their favorite hen or rooster can live on forever in their logo.

Why is a Logo, or Graphic Design important?
Often your first and only chance to promote what you are selling online is in your banner! This is basically your first and only chance to catch the attention of your customers. Your design work shows how legitimate you are, and how serious you are about what you are trying to sell. Your design is the visual aspect of your business or hobby, and the better the look the more you sell.

Where do I start?
The process is very simple. Just email me at [email protected] to ask any questions, or to place your order. If you have an idea of what you would like for the logo please share your vision. I will greet you with an email introducing myself, and answer all of your questions. I will also send a separate email which is an Order Form to gather basic information for the logo. Then as soon as I get the okay I will start your logo, or design work. Throughout the process I will keep you involved, and updated on everything!

To view examples of logos I have designed for BYC Members in a thread please click the following link:

To view examples of logos I have designed for BYC Memers on my BYC Page please click the following link:

A few Quick View Examples of BYC Customers Logos:







To see more logos please visit links above!
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Heather is really great to work with, I highly recommend her! Fantastic communication, and SO willing to tweak things to get them just right for you too!!!

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