100 watt light or heat lamp ????

Miz Mary

15 Years
Apr 1, 2008
Pacific NW
My Silikies/banties are about 8 weeks ..been outside in thier coop now about 2 weeks ............ tonight is expected frost !!! I put a moving blanket ontop of the coop ..but Dont know if thier standard 100 watt light is good enough , or should I put in the 150 watt heat lamp ??? Whats the difference besides wattage ??
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Use the red heat lamp bulb. A 100 watt bulb is to bright and will cause stress and could induce pecking. Make sure it wont get to hot with the blanket on the coop you don't want a fire.
Isnt the red lamp , about 200 watts ?? That would make my little coop TOO hot !! My coop is 4.5' x4.5' ....... have 10 banties in there .....
Good thread ! I need pointers on this too, as I'll have two 8 week old silkies in a small coop (3 1/2' x 2') that is out of the direct wind and insulated with cardboard, newspaper and hay/straw, but I'll be getting mine in December! Could be pretty cold by then! Thanks!
Whichever size bulb you choose - make sure it's red. A bright white light on all night long can stress chickens and lead to feather picking. Red bulbs have that effect less often.

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