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Jun 22, 2019
Hello folks, this is my 1000th post:eek: it feels like quite a lot🤣. After nearly a year or so of being completely afk from this forum I am rejoining it, a big hello to all the regulars on here:frow, it’s nice to be back. Hopefully can join some of @Kiki’s party’s😁. And of course, thot


Aug 19, 2019
Nw florida
It’s terrible tho, out of a flock of 42 chickens, I currently have 4… between hawks and coons I barely have a flock… when I built my coop I didn’t know that coons where even a problem, so I built this huge completely unmovable chicken tractor. All nice and open and completely not coon proof. I’ve spent tremendous time working on it over the last 6 months but each time I fix an area the find another weakness. Like nearly ripping a door of its hinges or finding a 8 inch area where the chicken wire isn’t screwd down and stretching a hole in it to get to my chickens, the hawks sit in the large oak trees in my acre or so run and can carry of a full sized rooster, I’m giving away my last 4 and completely rebuilding. I may post progress on this thread, I dunno Florida is not chicken friendly

I think I’m also going to build a lot smaller, instead of 42 chickens that need big everything, I’m going to keep more like 15, in a nice run that’s well protected and a coop that’s coon and T. rex proof.

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