10mo old pullet, sick and beat up.

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    I have a ten month old Barred Rock pullet. Several months ago I found her sick under the coop. We brought her home and nursed her for a few days. we had a little trouble reintroducing her to the flock but everything worked out.

    Last night I went to check on my girls and clse their pop door around 8pm. When I looked in the coop I noticed one of the girls was missing. She was under the coop. same as last time, she was all puffed up, very unsteady on her feet and her comb and wattles were pale. This time however she was bleeding from her comb. It appears the aplha pecked her up. I immediately grabbed her up and noticed that her pupils were dilated and not moving in the light. Once indoors all she wanted to do was sleep. By around 1am she drank a few sips of water.

    At 8am this morning she was standing up in the box she spent the night in and her pupils are much more reactive and the color in her comb and wattles is better. I took her into the bedroom and she has literally kept sipping water for about a half hour. She had a watery poop (on my carpet, thank you) and has been standing in the same spot I placed her.

    Most of her symptoms seem quite similar to the last time.

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