10wk old wheaten chick with blood eggs (like caviar) in stool HELP!

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  1. distressedchickenlover

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    Feb 3, 2011
    I purchased 2 wheaten chicks from a country home breeder, they where to be a new addition to my 10yr olds chicken coop in our city backyard.
    Mammy - 10week old black wheaten was at first very happy, eating pellet starter and fresh water, and grazing on our back lawn when my daughter was out there supervising her etc.
    Fluffette - 12 week old grey wheaten was its buddy, bought at the same time from the same breeder....both seemed happy and flying running on the back lawn when out of thier shared cage...
    i noticed specks of growth om both chicks, Mammy on her eye lid and Fluffette on her beak lip... rang the breeder to ask what these may be - found out several days later that it was fowl pox...started researching how to treat it - apart form iodine etc nothing can be done! Thankfully i hadnt placed them with our adult chickens and rooster.
    Mammy was started to show signs of lethargy, poor eating of her starter pellets and going off her water...i had seperated her from Fluffette so that i could try and treat her on her own...under heat lamp, honey in water - no actual medication, fresh lettuce, fruit etc.. her stools were not healthy, runny watery...some spots of blood towards the end...thought i noticed worms but no expert.
    Mammy passed on yesterday, but i did notice that when i was cleaning up her newspaper from the cage that her last stool was more solid and had what looked like caviar (fish) eggs that where blood coloured in it [​IMG]
    I have been trying to find out what this may have been, to work out whether Fluffette has it and what i should do, vet or home treatment - as my 10yr old daughter will be heart broken again if Fluffette passes on too. It was bad enough with Mammy.
    I never thought chicken where this hard to keep and that sooo much could go wrong...it was a great way for me to start the local kids get use to fresh eggs, looking after chickens and enjoying them free range rather than battery hens etc. But its proving a major stress on me of late with this new lot!
    Please help me.
  2. Miss Lydia

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    so sorry for the passing of your new chicken, but I want to say also, [​IMG] have you spoken to the breeder again to let her know of the passing of mammy? I would have thought worms if you hadn't posted their ages, but I just don't know what this could be unless it's cocci. With the blood only don't know about the caviar thing.. hopefully someone with more experience with something like this will be able to help... again sorry for your loss [​IMG]
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    Oct 4, 2010
    I dont know the answer but.....BUMP
  4. distressedchickenlover

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    Feb 3, 2011
    thanks for the lovely words of sympathy and welcome. i thought the same about worms, but i have not been aboe to find any research to show that they are expelled as blood shaped eggs - that really do look like caviar eggs but red!
    My 10yr old is feeling it so much, that she is worried her surviving hen Fluffette may be next. As yet she has shown no signs of illness other than her fowl pox single shingle growth that has scabbed and healed now...she is still eating well and drinking water.
    But i will treat her to a boiled egg today, just to make sure she is healthy...
    I checked with my grain supplier and the pellets she is fed on are medicated, so i dont think it is cocci, but not 100% sure....
    I have even paid $30 for the on line vet to reply to me - its been 12hrs and NOTHING [​IMG]
    keeping chickens shouldnt be this stressful.
    My breeder is the one that looked into the growth thingy (as i called it) and told me it was fowl pox. She also told me by the photo i sent in that Mammy wouldnt probably make it. She has been alovely lady to deal with.
    Even offered to replace them free of charge, but the emotional damage is done and i'm concerned that the others we get from her may be ill too ! Just keeping tabs on Fluffette now and wondering what i will do with her, as i feel unsafe to let her in the coop with the others for free of fowl pox being passed to them too....PLEASE HELP! Advice always welcome....

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