10x10 horse stall for coop

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    Aug 2, 2010
    im using an empty horse stall for my birds, the horses like living outside better so of course i need to fill the stalls with something right! [​IMG] i have 3 bantams, and 2 standards in a 10x10 stall, how many more can i fit comfortably?

    forgot to mention, they free range at least 5 hours a day everyday, plan to increase over time.
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  2. Skip

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    I'm doing the same thing, only our stall is 12x12.

    In free range birds, you can get away with 2 square feet per birds. In winter, you'll want about 3 square feet per bird. I always like to keep a little extra space for the birds, so the submissive ones can get some space. In a 10 by 10 stall, 40-50 birds is good.

    Make sure there's plenty of perch space/nestboxes!
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    May 29, 2010
    My coop is about 8ft by 10ft or so, I have 33 chickens, 5 nest boxes, only one is used, lol. They roost all over.
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    I'd agree with more birds per given space if they freeranged from morning till night time. But since they're only out about half the day, I'd treat the horse stall partly as run space myself, so I probably wouldn't keep more than 15 birds in that space. That's kind of going between coop and run numbers... Now if they free ranged all day or had access to a run all day, I'd say you could keep up to 25 birds in there. I just wouldn't want to think of 25 birds being shut up in that space for half a day.

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