11-12 weeks Gender guesses? Please:)


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
They were having none of the picture taking today:)
I had posted these guys awhile ago, and had mixed results on some of them.
Picture 1:
Buff Brahma Pullet?

Picture 2:
Buff Brahma Roo?

Picture 3:
EE Pullet? (was in question)

Picture 4:
EE Roo (No question)

Picture 5:
EE Pullet?

Pictures 6:
EE Pullet? Roo?

Picture 7:

Picture 8:
EE Pullet? Roo? (Was in question)
My guesses are:
8 - roo
7 - pullet
6 - pullet
5 - ? On the fence - tending towards roo
4 - Def. Roo
3 - ? on the fence
2 & 1 - I do not see much of a difference between the two of them so I do not know why you are saying a 'pair.'

Good luck. These are guesses...
4 is the only definite roo. the last may be, but I don't think so. If the EE is showing his rooness, then any other should be standing out by now.
AGREE #4 is the Only one that really says ROO right now...
at 1-12 weeks, the ROO should really be sticking out like #4 is

edited for spelling....what can I say....one of those days....
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Oh, lol, I was trying to figure where I said a pair:) lol. The Brahmas are going on 13 weeks. The one I thought was a pullet only begain getting red in the face reciently and is much shorted than the one I thought was a male.. I can't tell anyways. lol. I guess I will find out someday:)
My Roo's started showing by 5 weeks, and most all pullets have red combs, they are just alot smaller than the roo...so I still think that #4 is your only real showing Roo right now
I guess I will have to get another Roo in a few weeks if all but #4 turn out to be Pullets. I have 2 GLW but there is absolutely no difference in them right now and neither have any red or pink on them. The rest of my chickens are pullets.... 28:1/hen:Roo ratio doesn't sound right. He would be happy though:)

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