11 day old silkie bantam with swollen crop


9 Years
Mar 12, 2010
I have read through so many of the posts for impacted crop and sour crop, but this chick is so tiny that I can't imagine sticking anything down her throat. There is no sour smell about her, but the right side of the crop is so swollen and tight. Since she is so small does anyone have any suggestions? Also, 2 days ago we had several small children here holding chicks. I have no way of knowing even if she was held and all children used hand sanitizer prior to touching them. My husband is afraid that somebody squeezed her to hard even though we tried to be very careful. She showed no distress in the approximate 48 hours after children were here, but found this after that time. I hope this is enough information for someone to be able to help. She is so tiny and this is our first time having chicks since my husband was a child at home. We are now retired and wanted to have a real farm. Thanks to anyone who can give us any ideas.

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