11-Month old Chickens with Blood in Poo

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    I need some help here, folks. Two days ago I noticed an otherwise normal looking stool with blood in it. I haven't seen this since these girls were chicks symptomatic with coccidiosis.
    As I avoid the use of antibiotics (unless necessary, obviously) I started treating them to an oatmeal mash with some slippery elm and powdered kelp in it. Today, I noticed another stool with blood in it; but now it is just sort of pinpoints of red. One of my Dorkings and one of my Minorcas have obvious diarrhea (the fluffy bums have residue on them and the Dorking looks like she has an actual bowel movement on the outside of her bum - bum is still visible and clean, though). Today, I'm putting some garlic in the oatmeal mash as well as the slippery elm and kelp. Any ideas as to what might be causing this - the blood. The diarrhea doesn't concern me so much as feeding them garlic clears that up VERY quickly. (And no, I don't notice a difference in the smell or taste of the eggs). The blood does concern me, though. Any thoughts or ideas. I'm open to whatever anyone has to offer. Thanks.
    OH! On a sidenote here, occassionally we get an egg that has a slight smear of what looks (to me, anyway) like blood. It's only within the last month or so that we've been getting all 8 hens laying pretty consistently. I don't know if that helps; but I thought I'd put it in. [​IMG]

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    Apr 11, 2009
    the most obvious is coccidiosis
    since you are into holistic help
    do the cayanne pepper very heavy in the oatmeal mash
    I would say at leat 2-3 tbsp twice a day and they say it clears them up

    so do this ASAP and your blood will disappear
    the chickens do not taste the hot pepper and the gut will get the action you need
    you can email me for mor info PM me
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    Glenda is great with help.
    Here is another thing... might not be exactly what you want but it to will work.
    Purina sulfa non mixed 1.5 oz for 3 days skip 3 days then use for 2 more days at 1oz. per gallon. It said to treat whole group.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    Thanks for the suggestion
    What is this sulfa stuff? is it like sulfanox? and would be for coccidiosis
    antibiotic will just agravate the problem as they are not what the chickens need

    Also quit the treats if there is corn or any thing laxitive till they are okay

    they should have the
    2 tbsp of apple cider vinager in gallon of water
    AFTER you give the sulfa product
    to reestablish their gut flora

    The cayanne pepper does work and also be sure and use the natural probiotic wet mash
    I will give the amt for one chicken as you did not say how many they were on

    for one chicken each time
    natural probiotic wet mash
    3 tbsp of dry crumbles
    6 tbsp of milk any kind even dried milk plus water
    1 tbsp of non flavored yoguart

    mix this for one chicken and multiply amt for number of chickens feeding this probiotic

    feed this twice a day ( morning asnd nite) till they clear up, then once a week
    especially when giving sulfa products

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