11 week old BA mystery gender


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I have 2 11 week-old BA roos, both of whom look like this:


and I have 3 little pullets who have nearly no comb at all (and still entirely yellow).
Then, I have 3 who all look like this little mystery here:


any thoughts? It's driving me mad, not knowing!
Thanks, in advance.
Brightest Blessings!!!
You may have to wait till they either lay an egg or crow. My 12 week old Australorp girls still have barely any comb and no wattles yet to speak of. Although, yours does have dainty legs and the feathers do look a bit rounded.

So it is possible that you have 3 more girls. They may just be growing combs in faster then most of your other girls.
When did your "mystery" chicks start growing their combs and wattles? New to chickens, so take my opinion for what it is worth.....but if they just started to develop recently...they might still be girls. I know that is not what you wanted to hear. I have question for you.....I have a 9 week old BA roo that looks just like your roo's in the face....wattles and comb....but when did yours start to get the saddle feathers? My roo's feathers are still rounded like the girls, just wondering when he will start to look more "manly." LOL.
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AUChick I would start looking for the pretty saddle feathers and drapey tail feathers pretty soon. The Known Boys of my flock have had them coming in pretty strong for the past couple weeks. There has never been any doubt about their gender almost from the beginning.
Their faces have been reddish, and their wattles large, for weeks, like yours.
None of my other Mystery Children have faces as red as Russell and Roux, nor combs of even comparable size, but, lately, I have been noticing the more drapey feathers on the tail and things like that.
2 weeks ago, it seemed obvious I had 2 roos and the rest looked much the same. Now...???

Thanks for the reply!
Thanks! This is my first time raising chickens and I have been amazed at how fast they can change! I have known I had a roo for weeks now too. He started growing a comb and wattles at 4 weeks.

ETA: I am leaning towards girls for your mystery chicks. I have seen postings on here where BA "roos" have turned out to hens....just developed their combs and watttles before the other girls. Keep us posted!!
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