11 week old RIR suddenly acting funny. Links to video added!

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  1. amarook

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Last night I thought it looked like my Roo was limping a little.
    My BF told me he didn't think he was walking any funnier than anyone else. But he didn't look quite right to me.
    Just now I was out with my ducklings taking pics.

    I noticed my roo still didn't look right. I watched him some more and took some video. (It's downloading now.)

    He looks like he's losing his balance. He stumbles. He's not holding his wings in tight to his body like the girls do. When he stumbles he just kinda laid down, and pecked at the scratch that was on the ground around him.

    Anyone have any ideas? I'll post a link to the video of him once I get it dumped onto my computer and uploaded to a host site.
    I'm concerned. [​IMG]


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  2. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    well first question
    Was he vaccinated for mareks?

    the best thing for him is the
    wet mash probiotic with Vit E and Vit B complex
    this will help his nervous system which is being attacked at this time
    because you see discordanation in his attempt to walk okay

    do this
    *** note if you leave him with other chickens to doctor him then multiply amt of wet mash probiotic and vit's by amt of chickens fed the wet mash

    (A) natural probiotic wet mash with Vit E and Vit B complex added immediately
    basically the chicken has some nerve damage do this immediately
    need neurolodigal vit E and Vit B complex for nervous disorder Also the apple cider vineager in water

    (1) 2 tbsp per gallon of water till chickens are well and the 2 times a week for life

    (2 immediately give the chicken 1000 mg capsule of liquid Vit E by cutting the end of the capsule and taking the vit E liquid and mix in wet mash probiotic

    (2-B) total amt of capsules equals the total amt of chickens fed vit's

    (3 also need to crush a vit B complex pill in tabsp and add it the chickens wet mash after it is disolved

    (3-C) then give this to the chicken twice a week for two weeks should see much improvement

    (4 Do both Vit's twice today then for 7 days till you see some improvement in the chicken

    (5 today I would see if the chicken will eat a wet mash with the Vitamins E and B complex

    (-B) THIS IS FOR ONE CHICKEN (multiply by the amt of chickens you have to eat this wet mash and Vitamins)

    natural probiotic wet mash
    2 tbp of dry crumbles
    4 tbp of milk sweet, sour or buttermilk
    1 tbsp of non flavored yogurt
    mix good and put the
    vit E liquid as directed in the wet mash
    and crumble the Vit B complex tablet in a tabsp and add to the wet mash
    **BESURE AND MIX VIT'S VERY GOOD IN WET MASH*** so all chickens get their share

    (6 Do this twice a day for 7 days to see if the chicken is better
    then do this once a day for another week then once a week for a while
    this should give the nervous system some stability

    (6-A) they should clean it up in 20-30 minutes

    (7 you can email by PM for more information and include this inf so I remember what is happening
  3. amarook

    amarook Songster

    Mar 4, 2009
    None of my chickens were vaccinated that I know of.

    Thanks for the info!

    Do you think I should separate him?
  4. sammi

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Southeast USA
    what all do you feed?
    at 11 weeks he should be on medicated chick feed...or grower feed..not layer feed or scratch.
    have you followed any of the suggestions by Miss Glenda?

    describe the droppings..color and consistency

    check the bottom of his feet for sore, scab, raised area, or heat..or a splinter.
    also check in between toes, and check toe nails.

    check legs for raised scales or crust.
    check for mites.

    is the vent clear?

    check the crop..at roost after eating it should be full..if not..he's not eating.
    if full..re-check in the morning before he eats..it should feel empty or flat.
    feel for any lump or grainy feeling, and sour odor.

    I saw your post where you said he was in a coop by himself..
    try and get some chick vitamins..or you can use Poly-vi-sol liquid vitamins..Enfamil brand if possible, no iron..give 2-3 drops on beak once a day for a week, then taper off.
    also a teeny dab of Vitamin E as Miss Glenda posted.
    make sure he is able to get to feed and water, and is getting sunlight.
    the roo needs a little help to get better.
    I'll wait for your reply to questions.
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