11 week old with bubbly watery eye no other issues

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    May 30, 2016
    New to raising chickens, have 2 11 weeks old bantam that have bubbly watery eye, both chick's left eye. No other aymptoms, eating drinking pooping normal. Active is a little decreased do to not seeing out of eye, they keep it closed looks like it has swelling and red from scratching at it with foot. Started them on savachick and triple antibiotic on 3 times daily, separated from flock.one started on Friday and other started on sunday.they look a little better this morning. Any advice......
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    The only experience I've had with a respiratory issue resulting in bubble eye, I used Tylan 50 (from Tractor Supply/almost any farm store). I had to inject it into the breast muscle three days straight (alternating breasts each time). If you try it, use the smallest needle possible, 22 gauge or even an insulin needle would work...

    It seems like I've read that some people have given it orally, but I don't know anything about whether that is effective or not. I do know that my pullet fully recovered within a week of treatment with the injections. 1/4cc would suffice for your bantam pullets.

    I've not heard of an antibiotic ointment working on that type of thing, but maybe it's possible???

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