11 weeks old now......all girls?


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Shouldn't I be able to see sex differences in my Black Australorps by now? I got what I thought was a 'straight run' of 24 from Ideal via my feed store but so far not a cock-a-doodle-doo or any discernable male traits from a single one of 'em!
I think you would know by 11 weeks, but you can always post a picture of them. Everybody here likes pictures

gimme pictures

I like pictures

I have a Black Australorp, She's perty, and She protects my white Leghorn from big bad things, like pigeons, my dog (whose smaller than her) and me when I bring treats. Silly hyperactive pullets
No, but I only built a coop big enough for 12 birds thinking we'd eat the roosters at 14 weeks or so, after some atrition during the 'raising' process - there wasn't any
..........One handsome roo like yours wouldn't have hurt though!
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I don't know, but I think you could have some boys! Some of them have a longer looking tail than the others. And maybe a droop to the tail as well? It was hard to see completely with the tall grasses.

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