11 weeks old today , what to feed?

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I know this has been discussed over on the feeding forum but wanted input from the Brahma people. My light Brahmas are 11 weeks today, i have been feeding Purina medicated chick starter (20% protein). I am just about to finish the bag I have. They now have access to Florida dirt (sand) so I do not think I need the medicated any longer. Should I continue with this until they start laying or switch to Purina flock raiser (20% protein) or maybe the Dumor grower/finisher (15% protein).

Thanks in advance
Really in all honesty, I never feed medicated feed to any of my chicks.
I use a 20% Game Bird Flight Conditioner from my local co-op, from the day hatched until they start laying, then switch to laying pellets. This gives them extra calcium for the egg shells.
The Purina Flight Conditioner is a game bird grower feed, which is non-medicated, and one I have fed when I could pay Purina prices. I normally do not buy Purina feeds due to the high cost and them being vegetarian (though the game bird feeds do contain animal protein).

You can do starter/grower, medicated or not (does not really matter), or the flight conditioner up until laying age. If you can get a pullet grower, as opposed to a broiler grower, that is perfect, but there is no such animal around here. I won't buy any feeds from Tractor Supply, personally, so have never used Dumor.

This is really not a breed question, though. Your Brahmas will do fine on the same feeds as RIRs, Plymouth Rocks, etc. There is no special feeding regimen for Brahmas. The Brahmas I owned thrived on the same feeds as my Orps, Rocks, RIRs, etc.
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The reason I had mentioned Brahmas is because it is my understanding they take a bit longer to mature and I was not sure if the protein % mattered.

I had originally meant for this thread to be in the Brahma thread.
Orpingtons also take longer to mature, but the feed requirements aren't really any different.

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