11mo old Black Astrolorp has a hurt leg

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    Mar 26, 2012
    My Black Astrolorp (Elvira) hurt her leg yesterday but I don't know how. I don't see any breaks or lumps on her leg but I did notice that when I extended her leg she gets very irritated and tries to get away. My neighbor is a vet tech and looked at her as well and couldn't find anything noticeable. I've looked up the Aspirin dosage but have yet to give her any (have to get it first). This morning when I went to let them out Elvira's comb was bleeding in several different spots, like she was pecked at, should I do anything for that? I isolated her yesterday but put her in the coop last night with the other hens. Should she always be isolated from the other hens while she is healing, if so how long should that be? She can't roost and the poop on her backside is sticking to her. Should I wash her off and how often? She hasn't been laying either so that concerns me a bit. I know she is hurt by my concern is she will stop laying all together. I thank you in advanced for your comments and advice.
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    I have a 3 year old hen with an injured leg or hip, who sort of hops/flaps to get around. I never could see any sign of injury or infection, no swelling, nothing. She's had whatever it is for several months now. She lays at least every other day (she's a hatchery Black Australorp.) She mostly lives with the flock, because she hates being separated, but she does get her feathers picked, and really needs a saddle for that (which she also hates.) I have about a 5' X 5' section in my coop which is where she sleeps, on a pile of hay, although usually I leave the door open so she could get on the roost if she wanted to. She does get up in a higher (about 2') nest box to lay. I set her in the small section at least once a day where I keep a feeder and waterer, and watch while she eats and drinks. Some days her crop is full in the afternoons without my supervision, and some it is not, so I assume they keep her away from the group feeder at least part of the time. JME.
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