12-18 Ameraucana/EE Speckledhens former LEVI with Am and EE NEW PICS

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    All the eggs that get laid from Today until Sunday.They could easily lay 18-24 eggs but to be safe I'm going to say a minimum of 12..I'm doing it as a 5 day auction and need the payment by Monday morning so these can be in Monday's mail...you will still get eggs from 7 days of laying.
    Rooster is LEVI our beautiful Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Roo that we bought from Speckledhen last Summer.He's got the best attitude as you can see in the picture he's very happy in a little boys arms or with his hens.
    Hens are Black and White true Ameraucana Pips&Peeps
    Rest are EE or mixed color Ameraucana in unusual colors.I will try to get pics of them uploaded but having internet issues.Lots of blue shades in there.NO hatchery stock and none of that boring Wild colored EE in my pens.All of the hens lay minty green to minty blue and Levi is true Ameraucana so no off colored egg layers will hatch from these eggs.
    Fertility has been super..I just can't hatch any more chicks for awhile..you know the shipped egg risk.
    I can't seem to upload air with my satellite so pictures are slow coming. Here are a few of the hens in the pen It is very hot here so they are all hiding in shade and panting..poor things we had a frost last week and 90's this week
    Here is Levi last fall..he has filled out a lot but lost his beard..here beards on guys are just not allowed by the ladies
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    He is goreous!
  3. speckledhen

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    I have to say it does my heart good to see Levi being such a great rooster for you, Holly! [​IMG]
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    Levi is just a wonderful individual to live with.It doesn't matter where I need him he goes and does his job..if it's a breeding pen or baby sitting chicks he just accepts the task..now he does prefer the ladies [​IMG] He gets to rotate from flock protector on the free rangers to the Wheaten Ameraucana pen and now the EE pen..I like color in there and he's got it. The hens he's with now also have great attitudes..if my kids can't play with them or around them they play in someone else's yard.
    If I can ever get my satellite to work I will post new pics of his ladies.
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