12 + ameraucana and some duccles and maybe cochins!


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
I have 12 + ameraucana eggs up for bid. some will be frizzles and some will not . also some will have fearthered feet and some will not. they are out of my frizzle brown black standard cochin. very pretty birds. they are in buff blue, white partridge, I will aso throw in some Duccle eggs they will be out of my white, splash hen with my splash roo. just hatch a baby and the color is lavender very cute baby. if I get any I will also give you standard cochins out my blue hens. but only if they lay some. Hatching here in my home have been 98 % But cant not say the same at your home once they are ship. the bids says 12 But i been sending 15 shipping is 11.00. will mail when the bid is paid for. happy bidding everyone! so far we been getting more ameraucanas.
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