12+ B/B/S Showgirl eggs

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  1. I am offering up 12 plus B/B/S Showgirl eggs. The eggs will be collected till Tuesday and shipped the same day as long as payment is received before 1:00. Paypal only as eggs are time sensitive. I breed Showgirl to Silkie so you should hatch about 50% of each. I am doing well with the Blue and black silkies and have won a few BV's and RV's at sanctioned shows with some of the same birds the eggs will be from. Of course my Showgirls always do well.

    I can not guarantee your hatch rate but will do my best to get your eggs to you safely and unharmed. I do ship in the Medium flat rate shipping box and that is why shipping is 15.00.
    Pics can be seen at

    I will try and post pics but right now I am trying to get my birds put away and settled from the long trip home from Indy.

    Thanks for looking!

  2. 15 eggs as of today!
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    Tish has beautiful birds. You cannot go wrong with her eggs!!!
  4. Thanks Tonya. I will see you guys at Newport. I have birds for Cheyenne too!

    I just hatched 12 of 14 of these same eggs.

    3 of my new SG babies
    2 of my babies from a previous hatch.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Jack and I with the pullet I beat him with at the Newport show this past spring.
    one of my blacks
    One of my lighter blues
    Sg pullet
    another black
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    Tisha has the best birds! I hatched some of her eggs this spring and you should see them now. 3 beautiful pullets (Stripe, Sassy and Sara) and 2 roos (Sir Frederick George--who has a new home with a fawning 12 year old girl and his own flock) and Little man...who is a very nice, well mannered boy. Everyone who sees my silkies comment on how beautiful they are. I give credit to Tisha and her breeding abilities. Love my babies Tisha!
  7. That is so sweet thank you very much! I am glad they are doing well for you!

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    Tisha is not only a great breeder but one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Her birds really come first and are well loved. The kind of commitment she has to the showgirls really shines and she is working hard, I MEAN HARD, to have them accepted in a different category than AOV silkies. Anyone that wins this auction will be lucky to get these quality eggs.
  9. You guys are so sweet! Thank you! Far as getting SG's accepted I would like to see them in the Silkie category but.... competing like the bearded and non bearded compete. FYI Showgirls just won AOV silkie at Indy. So we are making progress in a big way. I love my Showgirls. Some of the eggs are from the same girls coming from Indy and going to Newport in 2 weeks. They are my pride, but to each his/her own. I know a couple I pulled from the show pens themselves. They are marked SP.

    Ok so I have started packing the eggs up (will add what is laid before leaving for PO) if the winning bidder would prefer a different method of shipping or marking on the box please let me know. Otherwise I will pack in egg cartons with filled with shredded news paper wrap carton with bubble wrap, fill bottom of medium box with newspaper, place the cartons in the box and top off with more newspaper. I will need the phone number and address for shipping as well as how you would like your box marked.

    Paypal is
    [email protected]

  10. Congratulations Kim I am sending lots of extras. [​IMG]

    Box is almost ready to ship out thank you for the prompt payment.
    Letisha Morehouse

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