12 B/B/S Standard Frizzle Cochin Hatching EggsNPIP(Includes shipping)

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  1. 12 "GIANT" Standard Frizzle Cochin Hatching Eggs B/B/S *NPIP certified & Avian Influenza Free*

    We ship extra eggs when we have them available.

    Large fowl Giant FRIZZLE Cochin Hatching Eggs in Blue/Black/Splash colour . There has never been ANY bantam blood in the background of these frizzles ; they are indeed the real deal "Giant" ! Developed using only Show Quality stock of Giant Cochins.

    We have 2 pens of Giant frizzle Cochins,so you will get eggs from both pens:

    1 pen with a smooth (huge) Smooth feathered Black Roo x Blue/Black frizzle hens.

    2nd pen- 2 Black Frizzle Roos' x Smooth Cochin hens in Black and Blue color.

    We do not breed frizzle x frizzle to avoid harmful problems that can be created by breeding that way.
    We breed frizzle x Smooth so we get the Best quality birds that we possibly can.

    Your eggs should produce 50% frizzle /50% smooth feathered birds,this is based upon 100 eggs.
    You will hatch out Blue/Black/Splash chicks from these eggs and sometimes an occassional Barred chick.

    These birds are great for 4H or anybody who enjoys Showing Beautiful birds. They also make excellant Pets and etc. Very friendly,Gentle birds !
    They are great setters and mothers, so they make great incubators to hatch out different/other breeds eggs.

    Everybody that has seen these Amazing Frizzle Cochins here at the Farm are just amazed at their giant size they have on them and their Stunning Beauty !

    I gaurentee fresh,fertile eggs of the breed being auctioned and that your eggs will be packaged safely for their journey.
    We Bubble wrap each egg indivisually then they are put big end up in egg carton and packed in big enough box with packing peanuts or wadded newspaper unders and around eggs so that they are packed securely, then more packing peanuts or wadded newspaper is added to the top over eggs.

    No eggs will be touching sides of box.

    The fertility has been excellant here at the farm,we have been getting 99% to 100% hatches.

    As with all shipped hatching eggs I cannot gaurentee your hatch rate due to too many variables out of my control after the eggs leave our farm..... such as shipping & handling,different incubation methods,and incubation equipment..

    PayPal to : [email protected] ,so I can get your eggs right out in the mail to you the following day.

    Will email you tracking # after I ship

    We prefer PayPal ,but do accept postal money orders as well but it will take longer to receive your eggs when paying by money order.

    We ship to the lower 48 states ,Sorry we cannot ship to VA .

    Please email me if you have any questions before bidding .

    Thank you for looking at our auction & "Happy Bidding" !

    These pics dont do them these Beauties justice ,they are still getting their new feathers in from moulting and its been horrible rainy and muddy here .




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    So the $25 includes the shipping?
  3. Reptigirl

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    Also confused about this...

    Is it $25 even

    or $25 + $15?
  4. It was supposed to be $25 + $15 shipping

    sorry ,see where you would be confused ,forgot to change title when I relisted.

    Since it says that, this batch is $25.00 even ,so Include shipping on this one!

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