12+ bantam ameraucana(BLUE WEATON,lav,brown red ) **npip**

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    Oct 6, 2010
    westville ok
    up for auction are 12+ feresh fertal bantam ameraucana hatching eggs you will get eggs from 4 breeding groups
    in group #1 PURE LAV roo over pure lav hens and black lav split hens
    in group #2 WEATON roo over BLUE WEATON hens
    in group #3 brown red roo over brown red hens (this color is still in progect stage )
    in group #4 i have some blue brested red progect bantam EEs

    eggs corlor is good and fertilaty has been great all groups are laying well and you will reseve a nice variaty

    paypal only so eggs can ship on time . payment is due at close of auction to [email protected]

    i can not gerantee hatch rate due to shiping and your hatching methodes

    here are some pics

    and here is a pic of egg color

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