12+ bantam golden comets INCREDABLE DEAL!!!!! NPIP!!!!!


9 Years
Oct 6, 2010
westville ok
again due to an OVERLOAD of chicks im offering another incredable deal 12+ bantam comet eggs starting at only 5$ !!!!!!

the bantam comets are exalant layers of med lite brown eggs they are a heavy bantam and wiegh about 30oz they breed true to color and are verry pritty birds

paypal only . payment is due at close of auction to [email protected]

i can't garentee hatch rate due to shiping and your hatching methods my hatch rate here is 90/95%





thanks for looking BANJO
Very good looking birds, I am very interested in them, but can you tell me more about them? Are they sex-linked like the full size Comets? How do they breed true, what is the history of the breed? Sorry if these questions are annoying, I'm just very curious. They are stunners.
hi thanks for looking at my eggs these where sex linked when first breed but after breeding them to breed true to color they are on longer sex linked you can do the sme by breeding the LF comets back to gether they lose the sexlink but can be breed to keep the color like these bantams where
I like the color, what breeds did you cross to get the original sex-link progenitors of these birds?


Gah, I can't order eggs right now because of below zero temps we've been having, but I definitely would like a dozen of these eggs in a month or so if you'll have them available again. I'd like to keep a trio and see how they do. Looking for a good, attractive utility bantam, and these might be the ticket.

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