12 Bantam Mille Fleur Cochin Hatching Eggs **includes shipping**

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    12 Bantam Mille Fleur Cochin Hatching Eggs

    I have been raising these birds for about 4 years. My birds are still a project as color fluctuates greatly among offspring. My ultimate goal is having show quality typed mille fleur cochins but, I am sure that is years away. My birds all have lovely heads/combs and tooshie's and great shape as well as heavily feathered feet. None of my breeder birds have split breast, squirrel tail, split wing or other defects. My bator is full and fertility has been great. I typically sell two or three egg orders a year. I don't keep waiting lists.

    I pack eggs individually in bubble wrap and place them in egg cartons. I wrap cartons with bubble wrap and pack in large enough boxes to pack sides with styrofoam egg cartons. Of course I cannot guarantee hatch but, I can tell you I will package them well and give them the best possible chance of arriving safely.

    Shipping charges are included in this listing.

    Shipping will be at least a week away as I don't begin collecting eggs until these eggs are sold!

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