12 Bantam N-Neck/Bantam Turken Hatching Eggs


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For Your Consideration,

12 Pure Bantam Naked Neck ( Turken ) Bantam hatching eggs.

Fertility has been checked, all of our eggs have been more than Fertile.

We have 1 breeding Rooster he's Columbian color, he is breeding 5 pullets/hens.

3 hens are black,1 pullet is Buff/Red, and 1 Columbian hen,
These Color crossings will produce, the Following Colors .
Buff, Red, White/Colimbian, Silver, Black,Blue,Splash,Brown Red,& Brown.

These Bantams can hold their own when it comes to laying eggs. They lay tinted to light brown color eggs and lay an egg a day,Which is not too common among bantam chickens. They are very meaty, And win consistently at shows, They Make great mothers/go broody .

They have produced Show Quality . However it is not a guarantee that you will hatch all S.Q. chicks.
Last season one of My Black hens won B.B.(Best Of Breed) & B.V. (Best Of Variety).

Fertility Is only a guaranteed for pick a pick up order, We are located in SA, TX.
Not Shipped Egg Orders. I cannot guarentee anything with shipped eggs. As you may or may not know , have no control over how eggs are handled/treated
during the shipping.

I Wrap each egg individualy in bubble wrap, then carefully place the eggs in a carton, then place the carton in a box. to help prevent broken eggs. we use tons of shredded news paper,and bubble wrap.
So that there are no accidents at the post office or during the shipping process.
Our shipping and feed back is currently 100%.

Please Keep in Mind I cannot guarantee anything, as most of you know, once the eggs have left the sellers home,
There is little - nothing we can do to control the out come of the shipping. We will ship by priority Mail, and use delivery confirmation, We will provide you with the tracking number so we can keep track of your shipment.

I will do my best, to help started with your Own Naked Neck/ Turken bantams.

PayPal Only.
I will ship Your eggs,
Once Payment is received.

Thank You, Please feel free to email me any Questions you may have.
or call 210-902-3632. I only accept calls from the U.S.
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