12+ BBS Ameraucana Eggs, Buy it Now


The Back Acres Farm
10 Years
Apr 11, 2011
Sunny North FL
This is an ongoing Buy it Now Auction is for 12+ BBS (Blue, Black and Splash) Ameraucana eggs, for $20 + $16 shipping. I am currently getting 5-8 eggs a day from these girls, so they will be fresh! I bubble wrap and double box to help the eggs get to your door safely. However, once they leave my hands, it is beyond my control. I ship out on Mon-Wed or Saturdays only, unless by special request. I mark the boxes "Fragile, live hatching eggs" unless otherwise specified. I have 100% fertility here, with a 95-100% hatch rate. Fertility is constantly checked, and currently have some in the incubator. To purchase some, please PM me, and please send $36 via paypal to [email protected].
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8 Years
Mar 31, 2011
East Chatham, NY
I am really just interested in Blacks as I am into showing and looking to get some more diverse genetics into my flock. If you ever sell just the blacks, then definitely interested. Thanks.

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