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    OK...the girls have cranked back up again with only 1 1/2 broodies! (One of them can't make up her mind...the other one is catatonic) I have a bunch of eggs to offer and will do 2 "buy it now" auctions at the very low price of $25.00 for a dozen +. I have 2 incubators and both have eggs in them. Since I HATE staggered hatches, I must let these eggs go. They are ready to send today so as soon as you click "buy it now" and then paypal the $$, they will be in the mail. Our post office is open until 6:00 pm on Friday [​IMG]

    In the BBS pen are 11 girls...black and splash...and we rotate 4 boys in with them. One is a nice blue cock (he just graduated after his birthday this month [​IMG] ), a black cock, a splash cock and a gorgeous splash/lav split cockerel that we got from Shagbark silkies a few months ago as a young bird. Don't know for sure if he is completing the deed, but he is giving it his all!!

    More pics below in addition to a pic of our packaging. I will say that this year has been HELL on shipping. You should definitely not get any cracked eggs but it seems that the ones I've received have had a lot of aircell damage. However, we have hatched quite a few from those eggs with loose aircells, so don't give up hope on them! I even hatched a lavender chick from an egg that I received cracked and then patched with wax! Pick ups are welcome!

    Don't make us eat these!! [​IMG]






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    Will you be offering this again, and are you NPIP?

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