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    Apr 17, 2008
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    Our girls are liking this cooler weather and are laying well right now.

    In this pen are 5 black hens, 2 black split lav hens and 3 splash hens; a black and a blue cock and a splash split/lav cock. It is remotely possible to hatch a lavender, but no promises. All our silkies meet the standard of perfection for their variety. We will be showing some young birds this fall from them and pics of them are below.

    PLEASE NOTE: There have been a couple of buyers who have hatched a partridge from this pen. I have absolutely no idea why as we do not raise partridge. Apparently one of the hens and one of the roos has some partridge in their genes that are, on rare occasion, coming together to make a partridge. Just want everyone to be aware so there are no issues. None of the blacks have any red or silver bleeding through their hackles so it will be difficult to pinpoint where this is coming from.

    Ready to ship Wednesday morning, so please be prepared to send payment by paypal immediately to [email protected]





    2010 juveniles (approx. 3 months old)



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