12+ BBS Bearded Silkie Eggs

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  1. Because of a shipping issue, I am relisting 12+ silkie eggs from our BBS pen. These eggs were collected Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs of this past week and will go out at 8:00 am this Monday morning.

    In this pen are now 4 splash hens and 6 black hens and we rotate 3 roos in the pen. One splash cock, a black cock and a blue cockerel. I believe that we rotated a couple of other cockerels in with the hens a little too much and our fertility dropped for a couple of weeks, but we have removed these boys for the time being and I candled 2 dozen eggs that in the bator today with fertility about 75%. The black roo is a split/lav and there are 2 black split lav hens in there with him, so it is a possibility for you to hatch a lavender.

    I cracked 2 eggs from this pen today and both were fertile, so I believe our fertility is back up over 80%.

    Paypal only for this auction to [email protected]

    Eggs will be shipped in a styrofoam shipper as in the photos below which should help to protect them from heat or cold.

    I took a few new pics today and they are below. I had to lighten the pics of the black girls because they are so black you couldn't see any details!!




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    YAY! [​IMG]

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