12+ BBS Bearded Silkie Eggs

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    Up for your consideration are 12+ eggs from our BBS pen. We were so happy that one of our own splash pullets won Reserve of Breed this past Saturday at the Central Fl. Poultry Breeder's show in Inverness. The image link is a picture of her in the photo booth at the show. She will be joining the breeding pen after the show season ends in February.

    We have added a gorgeous black boy to our pen and once we are certain he is breeding well, he will become our "main man". He won Reserve of Variety at the same show. I believe he will throw some grand chicks. We also added two gorgeous blue hens from excellent bloodlines about two weeks ago and just yesterday we added 3 stunning splash hens from Signature Farm. I wish I could incubate these eggs but I have 2 incubators full and more eggs waiting to be added later this week.

    We will be separating our BBS pen into a blue/splash pen and a black pen this weekend and will have pure black eggs available a couple of weeks after separating them.

    I would like to get these eggs shipped no later than Wednesday morning, so please pay by paypal promptly after the auction ends. I checked with the P.O. and you should receive them by Saturday if mailed by Wednesday, even with the holidays. We are NPIP certified and do an excellent packing job so the eggs have the best opportunity to reach their destination in the best shape possible for hatching.





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    Just what I need and always when I'm broke [​IMG]

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