12 Bearded Blue/Splash Silkie Eggs - Last ones for awhile

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    Up for your consideration are 12+ hatching eggs from our blue/splash silkie pen. In this pen are 8 lovely girls courted by equally handsome splash and blue males. Most of the girls could be picked up, bathed and taken to a show. We have been quite selective in choosing the birds that we want to add to our breeding program. We are so proud that one of our splash pullets won Best of Variety in the recent Florida Sunshine Classic!

    As of today all 6 of the splash girls are broody [​IMG] I imagine these will be the last eggs we will have for sale for a month or more.

    If you are concerned about the cold weather, I can use a heavy walled styrofoam shipper with a hand warmer to be certain that they stay a reasonable ambient temp.

    The first pic is of all the splash girls trying to get into the same nesting box. I guess if you are 1 foot away it counts!!

    We are NPIP certified. Please be prepared to pay by Paypal as soon as the auction ends. I collected the last of these eggs today and they are ready to ship.





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