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12+ Bearded Blue/Splash Silkie Eggs

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by Three Cedars Silkies, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Up for your consideration are 12+ hatching eggs from our blue/splash silkie pen. In this pen are 10 lovely girls courted by equally handsome splash and blue males. Most of the girls could be picked up, bathed and taken to a show.

    We have been quite selective in choosing the birds that we want to add to our breeding program and are so pleased that one of our splash pullets won Best of Variety in the recent Florida Sunshine Classic!

    We are NPIP participants. This is a Paypal auction (no Echecks) and our address is threecedarsilkies@gmail.com Please be prepared to pay as soon as the auction closes as these will be ready to ship Friday morning.






  2. My eggs are doing great that I got from you. 11/14 growing. [​IMG] They're due the 18th. [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Ooooooo....that's great!!! I am selling some chicks that I have hatched and it's killing me to sell them. They are just so nice that I want to keep them all!! I'm a "wing" freak and I am so happy with the wings on these babies. They already have that nice "smile" look when viewed from the side. I'll see if I can get some decent pictures and will post them.
  4. featherbaby

    featherbaby Songster

    Jun 18, 2009
    Jacksonville, FL 32210
    I'd love to see those pictures too, Judy. What colors are they? Are you coming to the Bent Creek Swap on the 17th?
  5. PamB

    PamB Songster

    Jul 20, 2010
    Dayville, CT
    I've always LOVED your splash! They would be an awesome addition to my flock! [​IMG]
  6. artathart

    artathart Songster

    Mar 31, 2011
    What chicks do you have for sale? Do you ship chicks?
  7. ZephyrWoodsFarm

    ZephyrWoodsFarm In the Brooder

    Nov 4, 2010
    Merrill, WI
    Do you only sell chicks or eggs on auction???

  8. Quote:I am completely out of chicks as of today...I'm heading out to North Carolina tomorrow and I'm taking almost all of the chicks to folks up there who have purchased them.

    Yes, I do ship chicks at the age of 5-6 weeks and a minimum of 6 at a time. I don't ship day old chicks. Cost is $12 for a box and actual Express shipping costs.

    Chicks are priced like this:

    1-4 weeks $10 each
    4-8 weeks $15 each
    8-12 weeks $20 each

    After 12 weeks they are priced individually according to quality.

    I am SO happy to report that this year we have had NO chicks hatched with the improper number of toes!! I believe we have finally got the right breeding stock and they are throwing gorgeous chicks.
  9. Quote:See information on chicks in the post above.

    I do sell eggs off auction occasionally. PM me for availability.

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