12+ bearded silkie hatching eggs


10 Years
May 26, 2009
NE Ohio
For your consideration 12+ several extra bearded silkie hatching eggs. I'm about finished with hatching so I'm offering some of my girls eggs. You will get BBS and white. There are pics of buff hens but they have been broodie FOREVER. Hatches have been great here, once these are mailed no guarantees on your hatch due to incubating techniques and the PO. Paypal promply at auction end, please at bbbymr@yahoo.com. Please include your phone number so I can put it on the box for the PO to call you.

Pen 1 has a blue and black(lav split) roos with blue, black and splash pullets. 2 of the splashes are lav splits.

Pen 2 has 1 white roo with 3 white pullets and a porcelain pullet. (tried to move her but she was picked on so she's still in there) There's also 2 buff hens but they aren't laying since they've been broodie and now have babies to take care of.

~My breeding flock came from Catdance, Indigo, Muddyhorse (BYC), Mary Robbins and Reese Silkies

I show my birds and cull heavily for DQ's. They are all feathered to the third toe, have great cushions, large crests, good wings and personalities.

black offspring

blue chick

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